Excellent experience with Laiba. I had GCSE English Language and Literature lessons with Laiba, she had unique ways of teaching this has really helped me out and gave me a great understanding of poems and plays now. I can easily and effectively analyse poems and plays!!!

Shoaib Akhtar (Student from Huddersfield)

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Maria (Parent from Horsforth)

Excellent. Would highly recommend. After struggling to get a GCSE pass after several attempts I reached out to Laiba to tutor my son. Laiba was perfect as she offered face to face, in person lessons at home. All the others I spoke with only offered zoom- which wasn’t appropriate in my son’s case. Laiba was engaging, patient and excellent at keeping him focussed. We await the results.

Jordan Gibbons (Student from Halifax)

I would highly recommend Laiba as a tutor! I had great Lessons with Laiba, what I liked the best about our lessons was I learnt a lot of new language techniques and skills in such a short amount of time and the flexibility of timing that Laiba made for the lessons, it made it very convenient for me. 

Sheeba (Parent from London)

The lessons were great, i got a lot of help with my LNAT prep and made me feel more confident for my LNAT exam. The lessons were conducted remotely via Zoom, my tutor Laiba made me feel very comfortable by creating an engaging and fun atmosphere. Sheeba (Parent from London)