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Our expert Maths Tutor

My name is Aya, I am a 2nd year Chemical Engineering student at the University of Edinburgh, specialising in GCSE maths tutoring to help you excel, conquer your obstacles confidently approach the subject.

I’m a determined and supportive individual who will keep pushing students until they get rid of uncertainty and lack of confidence in maths. I know a lot of students have the ‘I can’t do it’ mindset towards maths but I will help students change this mindset on top of understanding the subject. I am a friendly and extremely patient tutor, as I create a comfortable teaching environment for my students. I’m more than happy to answer any questions you have during and after the lesson and I will also be asking questions to make sure my explanation is clear.

Indeed I have immense experience within person and online tutoring lessons. Previously I have tutored school pupils during my secondary school years and volunteered to tutor younger pupils during my free periods at secondary school. All my students have been successful as they performed exceptionally well in tests and became a lot more confident in answering questions in their school sphere and our personal lessons. Moreover, I have taught students who were unmotivated due to their struggle with maths, however I used positive reinforcement and encouragement, intertwined with building foundational skills in maths, which made them more positive and driven towards the subject. During my lessons I cover the topics in the simplest and easiest way possible allowing them to grasp the key skills, after they have understood how to grasp the content, I move on to repetitive practice questions. Using the method of active recall, this allows the student to retain information longer. Furthermore, my teaching style is very adaptable and creative, I’m able to explain the subject in many different ways, just in case the typical method doesn’t work for my student.

I will be structuring the lessons according to the student’s needs and will be using efficient teaching methods that work best for them. I will be expecting you to practice maths problems after every session in your own time to ensure the information sticks in your brain. I will be giving you one starter question at the start of every lesson to give you the chance to recap what was taught in previous lessons and to independently approach GCSE maths problems. I have always achieved top grades in maths throughout my education, therefore I will be able to give you tips on how to study maths efficiently and approach exam level problems.

I understand that maths can be a stressful subject but with lessons and most importantly a lot of PRACTICE you will succeed at it and ace your exams.

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