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Meet our Expert Tutor - Specialising in English, History and LNAT

Updated: Sep 6, 2021

Hi, my name is Laiba, I am a friendly, astute & committed 3rd year Law student at the University of Edinburgh providing first class tutoring to help reach your goals, proven A* . Making learning fun and comfortable!

I have 1000+ hours of online teaching experience. I have taught students with ADHD and learning difficulties, from this i was able to understand the specific requirements of students, and provide lessons which are comfortable and engaging for my students, simultaneously creating an atmosphere for them to excel and prosper in order to get those top grades. Additionally, i have also created recourses and taught skills and techniques in order to ace the LNAT exam, all of my students received above average on their LNAT exams despite their anxiety associated with the formidable LNAT experience, however i was able to supplement their existing skills, with expert legal skills for my students who applied this knowledge to the MCQ and essay required for the LNAT exam.

My sessions are structured according to the needs of my tutees. According to what they require and what they would like to learn from the sessions it will be altered to there needs and requirements specifically. I will begin with questioning there basic understanding of the subject. I will then design a structure and a mind-map to fit the students requirements. This way I can keep track of there improvements and show them how they have excelled from the previous sessions. This will be intertwined with me providing feedback after every session so they can understand what they need to work on, and appreciate what they have understood. I am happy to work on anything from essay writing/coursework to correcting grammar to helping with analytical methods. If you are studying a particular text that you need help with then with some notice I can easily make sure I have read it and will therefore be fully equipped to help you study it. I offer a astute and structured service in order to maximise your chances of success.

Due to certain life obstacles I've been through, I can deeply relate to students who find academics overwhelming during certain despairing moments in life which us as students have no control over and sometimes struggle to keep going in despairing circumstances. I believe as an individual who has persevered through many obstacles in order to reach my goals this will act as a motivating factor when i'm tutoring my students, I will constantly want to instil motivation in them while making them enjoy what they're learning rather than making them feel like its a obligatory task.

I have attended both Oxford and Cambridge summer schools and have been through the whole Oxbridge application process, hence I believe any student aspiring to apply to Oxbridge can benefit from knowledge of the daunting application process, and the preparation that will be required to secure a place into an academically challenging institutions like those. I am a friendly and patient individual and would like to use this platform to help students like me achieve their academic goals.

My Qualifications

A Levels

English Literature A*

Psychology A*

History A*

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